Thursday, February 22, 2007

WWKIP Day 2007

Once again, Danielle has taken it upon herself to organize World-Wide Knit In Public Day.

Last year, I organized San Francisco's meetup, and had a really good time. There was a good turnout, and since it took place in Union Square, gave the public an eyeful. I hope even more will come to the event this year, and for those of you who don't live in San Francisco, you may want to organize a meetup in your town.

It may seem as though February is a bit early to start talking about this, but now is the time to scout out a great location. Cafes and parks are ideal (and abundant), and you want to take weather into consideration.

This year, it's on June 9th, which is the second Saturday in June (same as last year).

For more info on becoming an organizer, and to check out all the cool places the event was held last year, you'll want to go to the WWKIP Day website.