Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bay Area Knitters Blog Webring

Hi and welcome! The Bay Area is rife with knitters who blog, so why not connect everyone up?

With local online knitting bloggers connected, we will be able to hear of local events that we might all appreciate going to. For instance, in Feb 10th-13th, 2005 there is a Stitches conference in Santa Clara. Click here for to look at the class schedule and vendors. Or hear about Redwood City's Stitch n' Bitch's booth at the Stanford Craft Faire that people can sell their items at.

We can share reviews of all of our LYS's around the bay.

These are just some of the reasons I think having a Bay Area Knitting webring would be beneficial to all involved.

If you would like to join, here are some general guidelines:

1. You must knit and have a blog in which you discuss your knitting

2. You must live in the San Francisco Bay Area (if you have any questions on this, email me, but I'll probably let you in)

3. You must add the ringcode to your frontpage blog to be approved for the ring. Once you are added you will be sent a site ID number which you insert in the ringsurf code where it says ***SITE ID***. For instance if you ID is 15, you would replace ***SITE ID*** with 15.

4. You will not troll or flame on other list members' blogs. If this behavior is reported you will be removed from the ring

5. Happy knitting!!!

Click here to join!

you can also email me any questions at


robin said...

this is awesome! thank you for organizing, lori!

Lori said...

you're very welcome!

Shannon said...

I just submitted my site for your webring but as stated in my request. I currently don't live in the Bay Area but used to for years. Still have family there and visit frequently. I still go to LYS when I am there, knit when I visit and would love to get to know other knitters in the area when I visit. If I can't join, no hard feelings....completely understand.....but I would love to be included.



rysolag said...
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